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The Company

The Durì family has always tilled the soil and grown grapes for winemaking. Over the years, vineyard and cellar management techniques have been refined and adjusted to the estate’s needs and today, operations are run by Giovanni, Patrizia and Massimo.

The compact, six-hectare estate is planted to a range of grape varieties, all vinified with an unfailing commitment to coaxing the best out of nature while striving for the finest possible products. Wine production is carried out in full respect of a heritage passed down from one generation to the next.

After many years of growing fruit with the traditional cappuccina (Friulian double-arched cane) vine-training system, the estate switched to Guyot, which flavours high-quality winemaking by ensuring each vine yields only a few bunches.

Scrupulous care and attention are focused on every stage of vine management, from pruning to the sparingly applied environmentally friendly treatments. Harvesting is strictly by hand and the bunches are collected in small trays so that the berries reach the cellar as intact as possible. Each hectare of Guyot-trained vines yields about 40-50 hectolitres of wine, which ages for 18 months in barrique and six more in bottle.

The stand-out wine in the Durì range is from a native variety, the complex, spice-themed Schioppettino, which even today is sourced from vines planted more than a hundred years ago. Maturation for 24 months rounds off the evolution of a wine that aspires, and manages, to be the supreme expression of its territory.