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Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers

The aim of FIVI is to protect the winegrower following the institutions, in order to promote the quality and the authenticity of Italian wines.

F.I.V.I. welcomes winegrowers who satisfy the following criteria:

• The winegrower who grows his own vineyard and bottles his product in his own cellar, supervising production personally.
• The winegrower must exclude any purchase of grapes or wine for commercial purposes. Grape purchases for vinification are permitted only in extreme circumstances, in compliance with laws in force.
• The winegrower must observe oenological regulations, restricting use of superfluous, expensive additives and focusing attention on the production of healthy grapes that have no need of cosmetic treatments in the cellar.


The winegrower is one of the key figures in the production of contemporary wine. Winegrowers are essential to ensuring that the consumer is purchasing a strongly territory-rooted wine. The winegrower produces the grapes to be vinified, which means that the wine is certified by the grower’s efforts in vineyard and cellar.

F.I.V.I. strives to keep the grower territory-based:

– to make wine
– to conserve terroirs
– to protect the countryside
– to make customers happy with a great product