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The sight and smell

The sight

Soil, tasty and terroir scents.. These are the smells associated with Propotto. The combination of smell and sight is what allows us to identify the Propotto terroir. Prepotto is a small village surrounded by nature where climate and environment help preserve the spices and typical characteristics of the territory, intended to promote the Schioppettino, a local and historic vineyard. Since 2008, after years of hard work, the Association of Producers of Schioppettino has finally obtained the name of Cru, that is Prepotto. In doing so, it has been possible to connect the historic value of the vineyard and the beauty and the peculiarity of the terroir where it was born. Few and small producers joining forces.

The smell

After welcoming you in our territory, you are left with your sense of smell if you abandon yourself, closing your eyes.. true genuine smells of earth and spices, smells that we try to pass down every day, season after season, because as you know the beauty of a wine is its diversity, every wine, every grape and every place has its own smells. Our most valued task is to protect these characteristics, make them unique and tangible, with passion and perseverance. All our production takes place with utmost respect for the consumers, using low SO2 dosage, therefore obtaining very characteristic wines which express typicality without misrepresenting the territory.