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Our Philosophy

Productive philosophy of the research of eco-friendliness

We try to tell something about us through our terroir

The winemaker has always been one of the central figures of the wine. Its existence is essential to provide the consumer with a wine that has a strong attachment to territory and the vine itself

We are a small company spread over 6 hectares on the Eastern hills of Friuli located in Prepotto, where Schioppettino di Prepotto is born and reigns.

Our products are natural and follow the tradition passed on from father to son to blend as best as we can the respect of nature and the search of an excellent product.

Vinifactions and fermentations are always made in a traditional and spontaneous way and only with indigenous yeasts.

  • Everything starts from the countryside, we always believed in a production as it used to be, in other words maintaining tradition trying not to lose the typical characteristics and not to waste all the sacrifices our ancestors passed down to us. We are very accurate in the vineyard quality and we always respect the bunches load for each stump. We always cultivate biological and eco-friendly, we respect the ecosystem using only copper and sulfur, but we are almost ready to use new products from seaweeds and derivatives and not synthetic products.
  • Grape harvests are managed by wise hands and we follow step by step the grapes till the cellar, explaining our grape pickers our quality standards. The cellar is our wines’ cradle: they rest in oak barrel and then they grow up for 2 years minimum. Only time will make the taster understand the potentiality of our wines, that are bottled up to keep all the nuances given by the years.

These are the thoughts we tried to collect in order to explain the philosophy of our company, but we are available for any further detail and we won’t ever back down, we will always keep up with the times.



Massimo Durì