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Schioppettino di Prepotto

Schioppettino di Prepotto

100% Schioppettino grapes from old clones present in the farm

Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, 24 months in barrique

18 – 20 °C

(Minimum 12 months of oak barrel sharpening; we sharpen it in oak barrel for 24 months).

Typical red grape variety of Prepotto (as underlined in its name), where the characteristics of the soil make this wine fine and elegant.

Its organoleptic traits are spicy: black pepper, blueberry, blackberry and liquor-soaked cherries are the main scents developed during the sharpening and they can still be present even when the glass is empty.

Schioppettino is a very eclectic wine, almost like the greatest Pinot Noir, and for this reason we like to think about it as one of the most elegant and finest wines.